Established in 2007, wkdcode was set-up to support digital and marketing agencies with website development, on an outsourced and white labeled basis.

Over the last decade, we have naturally transitioned into a consultancy based agency. White label website development is still a significant part of our business, but demand in recent years from existing agency partners has driven a more hands-on, consultancy approach.

As a reputable agency throughout the digital sector, we’re able to offer a mixed pool of senior resources, backed by the reliability and stability of an established business.

Whether collaborating on an ad-hoc basis or through a structured strategic partnership approach; we’re the UK based digital development and consultancy team you can depend on.

What we do
Digital Support
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Resource Planning
  • Process Documents
  • Website Development
  • New Business Development
  • Project and Process Delivery
  • Digital Strategy Consultancy
  • Project Process Consultancy
  • Technical Engagement Consultancy
  • Project Profitability Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

Drawing from nearly a decade’s experience gaining insight into some of the most successful agencies in the UK, we can use this knowledge, supported with our own team’s digital capabilities, to technically and commercially consult on a range of strategic topics, setting the foundations for growth and development.

Digital Strategy Consultancy

Whether you are refining or creating a dedicated digital division, it's often a technically difficult and complicated process. To offer digital services at a competitive standard, you need a team of specialists. However identifying who, where and when they are needed, requires consideration at both a technical and commercial level. From initial planning to implementation, we can provide consultancy on every aspect of your digital strategy.

Project Process Consultancy

Although every website is different, the process is essentially the same. It is the process that enforces successful delivery across all aspects of a project lifecycle. Whether it is timescales, standards and profitability, or team morale, execution, and professionalism. Drawing from our extensive experience, we can review, audit and refine your project process.

Technical Engagement Consultancy

Without the correct technical consideration to the specific terms of delivery, it is easy to create situations that are difficult to overcome. Appropriate project engagement, from a technical perspective, is crucial to protect against pitfalls. Knowing how and what to take into consideration only comes with experience and awareness. We ensure your commercial position is protected.

Project Profitability Consultancy

The design and development aspects of a digital project typically only account for between 30-40% of an overall website development project. Making sure you factor in and correctly budget for (and charge for!) all aspects of the digital delivery is crucial to profitability. We can knowledgeably consult on all aspects of digital delivery to maximize your profitability.

  • Technical and Resource Gap Analysis
  • Sourcing and Recruitment
  • Interview Attendance
  • Training and Development Programme

Resource Planning

One of the biggest challenges faced by most successful agencies is the recruitment, training and retention of key members of staff. It is one of the main and most costly frustrations felt across the entire digital industry, which is why we have extended our services to help overcome these limitations.

Technical and Resource Gap Analysis

Digital development and marketing is so advanced these days, that to deliver it to the right standard requires specialists to deliver each aspect. This encompasses everything from planning, design, development, PPC, to project and account management. Using our own testing techniques, we can independently assess your team’s technical capabilities and identify any potential gaps in knowledge base or resource.

Sourcing and Recruitment

Our full-time in-house digital recruitment team can assist in sourcing and recruiting specialist skill sets across the entire spectrum of digital production. Whoever you need, be it new business executives, account, and project managers, designers or developers. We have the contacts, network, recruitment team and the technical knowledge to source, assess and test the right candidates.

Interview Attendance

A similar process to our Technical and Resource Gap Analysis. We can assist with interviewing a range of candidates, making sure they are technically capable of delivering specific job responsibilities. Accurately assessing their technical capabilities before committing to employment contracts can potentially reduce staff turnover, thus saving time, hassle and recruitment fees.

Training and Development Programme

Without senior developers, it is difficult to implement feasible, yet technically challenging Training and Development Programmes, let alone overseeing, monitoring and evaluating progress. Utilising our in-house technical leads, covering all aspects of digital production, we can help plan and deliver realistic Training and Development Programmes, to ensure that desired learning outcomes are achieved.

  • Quotation Documents
  • Tender Documents
  • Project Briefing
  • Page Objectives and Priorities
  • Page Wireframing
  • Functional Specification
  • Project Timescales
  • Technical Terms & Conditions
  • Hosting Agreements
  • Sub-contractor Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Right Agreements
  • Support Agreements

Process Documents

Website development is a process, and typically all projects follow a similar procedure. Templating and documenting this process forms a foundation, provides a management framework and sets standards to continually refine and improve, increasing overall efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Quotation Documents

It is crucial that initial quotation is accurate and that key heads of terms are agreed before committing to delivering a project. This can include areas such as intellectual property rights, payment terms, security procedures, third-party code, hosting and ongoing support. We can help you create a quotation document that outlines expectations and sets the pathway for successful delivery.

Tender Documents

Tenders can range depending on an agency’s core competencies. Some take a creative approach, some technical, some project lead and some are more marketing and ROI driven. Having been involved with many tenders for numerous agencies, we are in the ideal position to consult and help plan, consider and create tender documents which convert more opportunities.

Project Briefing

During digital projects, the onus is on the delivering agency to ask all the required questions to formulate a considered project brief. Ensuring that the functionality is well thought-out and that technical deliverables are realistic and feasible are also important. We can help create and refine a briefing document to work in parallel with your digital offering and additional services.

Page Objectives and Priorities

Websites are functional applications, so considering the information, functionality objectives and priorities is critical before you can wireframe the optimum page layouts. Structuring, organising and documenting website objectives is a necessity (due to the commercial considerations this is typically an account manager’s responsibility) and we can help implement the required documents.

Page Wireframing

Wireframes vary considerably from agency to agency. Ranging from basic mapping out of the information, to a full-blown walkthrough with annotated notes or associated technical specifications. We've seen - quite literally - hundreds, so if you're struggling to find your feet in this area, we can help establish templates, wireframe elements, and processes.

Functional Specification

The purpose of a functional specification is to consider and document all of the precise workings of a website’s functionality and requirements. This doesn’t only consider the website functionality, administration and reporting requirements, but also the technical restraints around these deliverables. We can implement a structured and purposeful functional specification.

Project Timescales

Many aspects need to be taken into account when planning project timescales. Things such as testing provisions, rounds of revisions, payment milestones, feedback and sign-off dates, PM and AM time, contingency, and alike. We can help implement control documentation, which will ensure that appropriate provisions are included in the entire project process.

Technical Terms & Conditions

Identifying requirements, setting expectations and confirming the technical boundaries are of critical importance, to confirm exactly what will be delivered. We can assist in generating an agreement, which outlines and confirms all of the technical aspects of delivery. Such as intellectual property rights, payment terms, security procedures, third-party code, hosting infrastructure and ongoing support.

Hosting Agreements

Normally the agreement provided by your server supplier isn't relevant to the hosting services you are delivering to the end client. So a specific hosting agreement is required. We have the experience, resources, and knowledge to create technically correct and commercially considered hosting agreements, which accurately reflect your obligations when hosting a website.

Sub-contractor Agreements

While many of the legal obligations of sub-contractor agreements are fairly standard, it is the deliverables and service levels that can vary. Technically outlining and agreeing what will be expected, is the foundation for a successful collaboration. Our experience acting as a subcontractor for many agencies means that we can help you implement considered agreements into your delivery process.

Intellectual Property Right Agreements

Intellectual property right (IPR) is sometimes a grey area in website development. It's often a commercially sensitive issue and requires careful consideration and management. We have experienced many IPR related matters and can consult, draft and implement agreements that reflect, protect and outline intellectual property rights.

Support Agreements

Support agreements can carry obligations, such as response times, security and system updates, performance guarantees, back-ups, content modifications and general consultancy. We can help develop a support agreement that outlines exactly what's covered – and, often most importantly: what’s not.

  • Email Template Development
  • HTML and CSS Development
  • Javascript Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Magento Development
  • PHP Development
  • API Integrations

Website Development

Outsourcing website development to wkdcode provides access to professional, expert and senior UK-based developers, increasing efficiency, productivity and standards across all areas of digital production. It can also help you save on time, effort, and resource, as well as operating, recruitment and training costs.

Email Template Development

With all the email clients, web browsers and devices out there today, it is harder than you may think to build email templates. We have developed many HTML emails, therefore have an advanced understanding of the technical considerations around responsive emails, best practices and potential compatibility and display issues.

HTML and CSS Development

Our dedicated in-house team of frontend developers cover all aspects of front-end development. We can comply with your specific standards, boilerplates, and preferred frameworks or use our strict standards and quality assurance procedure.

Javascript Development

Whether it be simple website effects or advanced jQuery games, we have a dedicated in-house team of Javascript developers who can cater to your needs. Example projects range from games such as Pairs, Noughts & Crosses and Whack-a-Mole to more custom games, website functionality and animations.

WordPress Development

We have a in-house senior team of WordPress developers, who can undertake WordPress builds of any complexity. From simple theme-based installations and custom multi-site builds to bespoke plug-ins and everything in-between. Supported by our frontend developers, we can offer a complete package of advanced WordPress development.

Magento Development

We have developed many Magento websites. Ranging from standard installations to heavily bespoke and custom builds. Currently in the process of becoming Magento Certified Developers, we’re actively enhancing our Magento capabilities, so whether you need support on an existing project, or looking to outsource the development of a Magento build, we’re your guys.

PHP Development

Our experienced in-house PHP developers can pretty much develop any PHP application or work with any framework. Projects can vary from simple custom campaign type management systems to technically challenging, and completely bespoke intranets and web applications.

API Integrations

We have advanced knowledge of many payment gateways, such as PayPal, SagePay, WordPay, and Stripe. Aswell as social API’s, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We are familiar with most Google products, but particularly Google Maps and Docs. Not forgetting marketing platforms like HubSpot, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Whether it is a commonly used API or otherwise, we can integrate with it.

  • New Business Consultancy
  • Tender and Pitch Support

New Business Development

Driving new business achievements can be a difficult challenge for many agencies, however there is a consistent pattern for those who do win profitable work. With our industry knowledge and involvement with many agencies and approaches, we can help you refine and achieve new business activities.

New Business Consultancy

There are many aspects that could contribute or hinder new business achievements - from poor market positioning, lack of technical or industry knowledge/case studies, to delivery processes, presentation and technical considerations. Drawing on our sector knowledge and insight, we know how to not only generate interest, but to secure buying confidence, resulting in that all important conversion.

Tender and Pitch Support

Often we are asked to review tender documents and associated presentations, to ensure that they are technically sound. Additionally, we can attend the presentations to offer technical support and guidance. Covering anything from security, processes, ongoing support, to general digital marketing, PPC, and SEO consultancy.

  • Project Scoping and Planning
  • Project Quoting
  • Wireframing and Functionality Planning
  • Specifications and Agreements
  • Project and Account Management
  • Technical Standards and QA
  • Compatibility and Functional Testing
  • Data Architecture Planning
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance
  • Website Hosting and Management
  • Direct Client Liaison
  • Sub-contractor Sourcing
  • General Consultancy

Project and Process Delivery

The majority of a project lifecycle is the planning, scoping, management and support requirements, so specifying the requirements and accurately managing this process forms the foundation of any successful project. We can either take a hands-on approach or consult on all aspects of project delivery and process.

Project Scoping and Planning

Having the documents and processes in place is one thing. But having the adequate technical and commercial knowledge to fully scope all the nuances around a technical project takes considerable experience. We can undertake this process on your behalf. Or oversee, train and up the skill of your in-house account management team, to be able to handle things for themselves.

Project Quoting

Website design and development is typically only 30-40% of the project lifecycle. If you neglect to include provisions for even the basics such as planning, technical scoping, wireframing, revisions, testing, QA, population, account and project management, or even contingency, then you can seriously impact margins. If you need assistance in accurately quoting a project, just give us a shout.

Wireframing and Functionality Planning

Discussing, planning, arranging and refining page information and functionality is a commercial and UX driven process. We can set-up and implement wireframing, functional specifications and procedures for you. Should you require an ongoing approach, we can help; from general guidance, to complete management and production.

Specifications and Agreements

Deliverables, expectations and responsibilities form the core of any digital project. We can assist in the planning and writing of any project or process documentation. Including, but not limited to Functional Specifications, Project Agreements and Terms of Deliverables. Whether you need us to cast our eye over your agreements or lead the process, we can help.

Project and Account Management

Outsourcing project and account management will be a successful and productive process. You can rely on our experience and technical knowledge to ensure that the project is organised to succeed. Our dedicated digital directors can manage all aspects of production and associated team and client management.

Technical Standards and QA

Technical standards and quality assurance procedures not only form the foundation of delivering a service to industry standards, they also provide a platform for new recruits to follow. Whether you have in-house developers working independently, or already have standards and procedures in place but feel they could benefit from an outside perspective, we can help.

Compatibility and Functional Testing

Developers have the tendency to test a project the way it is been developed to work, so sometimes a fresh, unconnected and dedicated testing process can identify areas that could have poetically been missed. This can range from simple compatibility issues, ‘bugs blindness’, technical standards compliance, to functionality and specification fulfillment. We can prepare and conduct thorough testing on any web based application.

Data Architecture Planning

Data architecture is the process of planning how data is gathered, how it is stored, how it is arranged and how it is implemented within a website. Due to our experience in developing large applications and data pools, we can help when planning and structure large amounts of data.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Ongoing support and website maintenance can range from general telephone and email support, content updates, browser compatibility checks, security patch updates to additional development hours, but backed with service level agreements governing response times, processes and methods. We can either consult or assist in establishing productive support agreements across your client base.

Website Hosting and Management

We have two dedicated production servers, one Windows and one Linux. Technically supported and managed by wkdcode, hosted by Rackspace. Our UK based servers can host websites of all shapes and sizes. Offering 99.9% hardware up-time, daily back-ups, and fanatical technical support.

Direct Client Liaison

wkdcode are happy to interact with your clients. We can provide project managers and developers for client meetings too. Getting us involved early in a project gives us greater insight and awareness of project requirements, allowing us to deliver the project more efficiently.

Sub-contractor Sourcing

Over the last decade, we have built a substantial network of known and trusted agencies and freelancers. Knowing their specific styles, competencies and skill sets, we can source and introduce, or brief, plan and manage them on your behalf. Our network covers most digital services, and all are of the highest standard.

General Consultancy

Maybe you’re planning a project but could do with some technical guidance? Or maybe you need a sounding board to discuss the project requirements and plan how you intend to deliver? We can help. Our in-house team's expertise cover all aspects of website production and management. Whatever your need, leveraging our experience will pay dividends.

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Our exclusive evening events are aimed at discussing and refining all aspects of digital production and business planning.


Over the last decade, we have been working with a large number of agencies on a project basis, delivering the coding aspects and consulting on a diverse range of website development projects.

Although this has at times, been challenging to manage (due to the variety of agencies, project types, and different approaches), we have learnt a lot and enjoyed every minute of it! However, we believe it is now time to make a shift in our approach.

Due to our technical capability and the calibre of agencies we work for, we naturally undertake large-scale, technically complex projects, which subsequently require demanding service levels and superior development standards.

In our continued effort to increase service quality, we are investigating the possibilities of working with a select number of agencies, building more structured, strategic partnership-type relationships.

We also think this is a great opportunity for you guys…

Read More

Due to the complex and in-depth nature of digital development and marketing; recruiting, training and retaining adequate technical resource is growing increasingly difficult and expensive to achieve across the whole industry. This situation is only going to get more challenging.

To provide high-quality digital development, you now need a team of specialists with technical skill base; which, unfortunately, isn’t always feasible. This situation has forced many agencies to either reduce their digital capabilities or to implement alternative resourcing and outsourcing strategies.

Our strategic partnership approach is designed to tackle these challenges head on. By working in close partnership with you to help you establish and develop your digital capabilities while allowing us to consolidate efforts and increase service levels.

Additionally, focusing our team efforts will also enable us to take a more hands-on approach where necessary and assist with the creation and implementation, or refinement and training, of the entire process.

Should you wish to investigate the possibilities of establishing a strategic alliance with a specialist digital agency, drop us a line.


One of the biggest challenges faced by most successful agencies is the recruitment, training and retention of key members of staff.

It is one of the main and most costly frustrations felt across the entire digital industry, which is why we have extended our services to help overcome these limitations.

Our full-time, experienced in-house digital recruitment team can assist in sourcing and recruiting specialist skill sets across the entire spectrum of digital production.

We are not just another recruitment company, we are a web development agency who technically understands exactly what you need.

Whatever the resource, be it new business executives, account and project managers, designers or developers, we have the contacts, network, recruitment team and the technical knowledge to source, assess and test the right candidates.


We’re looking for multiple talented developers and managers to join one of the fastest growing agencies in Northamptonshire, working with some of the most talented agencies across the UK, delivering amazing projects for clients such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, JLR, Santander, Volvo, and many more…

The successful candidates will have agency experience and demonstrate a high-level understanding of latest standards, and be confident in delivering and managing some technically advanced website builds.

The WKD Perks

Behind amazing services are happy employees!

In addition to competitive salaries, we strive to offer a wide array of impressive benefits including social activities, free breakfasts, quarterly appraisals, and much more…

  • Bonus incentive scheme
  • Free breakfast, snacks and fruit
  • Sporting events
  • Social parties and nights out
  • Free eye exams
  • Time2innovate Programme
  • Pension contributions
  • And much, much more!

What are you waiting for?

Don’t miss out, apply for one of our vacancies today. Don’t see your role? We’re always looking for top talent so drop us a line.