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HTML5/CSS3/jQuery Development

Frontend creation at its finest! Dedicated and senior frontend developers with over 15 years experience, backed with a fanatical QA process ensures cut-ups are to the highest possible standards, every time.

PHP/MySQL Development

A technically brilliant, experienced and dedicated team of senior backend developers, successfully delivering quite literally thousands of bespoke websites and applications for agencies from all across the UK.

WordPress & Magento Development

The wkd team has vast experience with WordPress and Magento platforms, providing development support from standard theme installations to complex, bespoke plug-ins and customization requirements.

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wkdCODE offer a mixed pool of senior developers, same price as freelancers but with the reliability and stability of an established business.
- Lee Crampton
  • Frontend Development

    Frontend Development

    Specialist HTML5/CSS3/jQuery developers.

    Dedicated frontend developers from a creative upbringing, backed with a fanatical and stringent QA process.

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  • jQuery Development

    jQuery Development

    Simple sliders to complex JS games.

    Our JavaScript developers were writing JS games over 15 years ago. You present it, we will be able to develop it (within reason).

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  • Email Templates

    Email Templates

    Coding like its 1990's.

    Ah, tables and in-line styles. Super! We can still cast our minds back and develop like it's 1997. Oh how times have changed.

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  • CMS Development

    CMS Development

    Bespoke CMS that doesn't cost the earth.

    Our CMS provides a starting component with flexibility to develop bespoke functionality on top, delivering the perfect bespoke solution.

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  • E-Commerce Development

    E-Commerce Development

    Bespoke ECS that are simply, ace.

    If it's a simple or bespoke e-commerce system you need, we have the perfect solution! Look no further, there's no need.

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  • Bespoke Web Development

    Bespoke Development

    Team of senior developers at your service.

    Our backend developers are all based in-house with 10+ years experience, delivering thousands of sites for hundreds of agencies.

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  • WordPress Development

    WordPress Development

    Love it or hate it, it has a place.

    From simple theme integrations to bespoke customization, our dedicated WordPress developers have it covered.

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  • Magento Development

    Magento Development

    If you can't beat it, join it.

    We can fully support Magento, successfully delivering countless websites from out-the-box to custom, we have the capabilities.

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Service Level Agreements

Thinking of taking on another developer? Alternatively, we can provide you constant access to a team of senior frontend and backend developers for 2, 3 or even 4 days a week, at a similar cost of employing someone!

Maintenance Agreements

Providing complete piece of mind, our Maintenance Agreements ensure we regularly monitor and keep up-to-date any application we develop from basic browser compatibility issues to more serious security threats.

Third-party Integration

We have vast experience with most commonly used third-party components, Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook API's, PayPal, SagePay, WordPay, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, you name it, we've probably integrated with it.

Website Design

Although website design isn't within our main skill set, it's a service we are comfortable in offering to the highest caliber. Our main web designer has over 15 years design experience and has designed over a thousand websites.


With a combined 100+ years experience and dealing with hundreds of agencies across the UK for nearly a decade, we have picked up a thing or two and are more than confident consulting in client meetings and proposals.

Website Hosting

You don't have to host with us, but we do offer some awesome hosting packages based on our dedicated Rackspace server. UK based, guaranteed 100% uptime, backed-up every night and as secure as Fort Knox.

  • Author

    The guys at wkdCODE are always there to answer my call or email with any queries, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others.

    Lauren Wickham

    FSE Design
  • Author

    Always approachable and understand our briefs on every occasion, the end results are second to none and everything is kept within budget.

    Ryan Hudson

    Design Depot
  • Author

    wkdCODE are one of the rare type of web experts that have a perfect balance between making things not only look great, but work great too.

    Neil Rostance

    Fat Free Media

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